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ALL IN SPORT CONSULTING works with organizations to create life-changing opportunities through sport for people with physical disabilities.

Our mission is empowering our clients to bring the power of sport to all.


At All In Sport Consulting, our goal is to positively impact and advance the adapted sport movement. While all of our clients understand the importance of disability inclusion, we work with organizations of all kinds to design and create fully inclusive programs, experiences, and environments for people with disabilities.

Photo credit: Lakeshore Foundation


Leading with lived experience, we work to challenge the status quo, elevate the disability narrative, and expand access to sport through:

  • Adapted Sport Program Development and Implementation
  • Strategic Planning and Advising
  • Speaking Engagements and Facilitation
  • Training and Education
  • Curriculum Development
  • Industry Research and Economic Impact Studies


  • In the Power of Sport – Sport can change all aspects of a person’s life, from physical and emotional health to educational and employment trajectories. Therefore, we want to expand access to sport to everyone.
  • In Opportunity for All– Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the power of sport – as a participant, athlete, or die-hard fan.
  • Representation Matters– As an athlete with a disability, our founder Dawna Callahan brings authentic, lived experience along with more than 25 years of professional expertise to our clients, an invaluable combination that adds up to real, measurable results and impact.
  • In Extending Our Reach– Our reach must extend beyond the mainstream adapted sport community to other industries and audiences to increase awareness and create greater opportunities for disability inclusion in sport.

Photo credit: Lakeshore Foundation


"Dawna has been an integral asset to ensuring the success of our Adaptive SkateFest series. She provided great advice on running a successful adaptive skating program and walked us through the VA grant process and filing our reports. She also helped reach out to different audiences to increase attendance at our SkateFests. She helped us in so many ways, and we are all very grateful for her help, as we couldn’t have had put on such a successful program without her. Her work and service is unparalleled."
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Susi Wehrli McLaughlin
Sr. Director, Membership, US Figure Skating
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