New Economic Impact Study Shows Adapted Sport Events Total Nearly $78 Million Annually

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Report Demonstrates the Economic Power of the Adapted Sports Industry in the United States

DENVER — Nov. 2, 2022 —The total economic impact of adapted and para sport-related events nationwide totals approximately $77.8 million annually, nearly reaching pre-COVID levels, according to a benchmark economic impact study conducted by All In Sport Consulting, in partnership with Stitch Marketing Research and Huddle Up Group (HUG), and sponsored by Richmond Region Tourism and the Tempe Tourism Office. The organizations collected expenditure and budget data from a sampling of U.S.-based adapted sport entities to better understand and project the economic power of the national adapted sports industry. The first study was conducted in 2020, reflecting pre-pandemic activity from 2019.

“Prior to 2020, there had never been a formal study conducted to measure the true economic footprint of the adapted sport industry,” said Dawna Callahan, founder and chief executive officer of All In Sport Consulting. “We are excited to build on our initial data with the 2022 report so we can better educate ourselves and others about the industry’s economic power and ultimately accomplish more for our athletes and the movement as a whole. It is time that we move beyond subjective, inspirational or charity-type narratives about the industry with concrete, business-focused data about the short- and long-term benefits our events bring to communities and people everywhere with disabilities.”

To conduct the study, the organizations emailed surveys to 243 contacts representing 192 organizations with fieldwork conducted between August 24 and October 10, 2022. Data from 34 organizations are included in the report.

Study Highlights:

  • The economic impact of the 34 adapted sport organizations completing the sport events section of the survey can be extrapolated at approximately $6,782,592 (Basis: HUG Sports Tourism Index™)
  • The organizations represented in the survey account for 12 percent of the total number of adapted sport organizations in the U.S. market; therefore, the total economic impact of adapted sport and para events can be extrapolated at approximately $77,751,674 annually.
  • When compared to the first-ever adapted sport economic impact study conducted in 2020, which reported that the total economic impact of adapted sport events totaled $80,550,000 to $134,250,000 annually in 2019, 2022 data show that the industry has nearly recovered to pre-COVID levels.

“We know that with a financially focused resource about the industry’s economic impact, we can more effectively educate adapted sport organizations, potential host cities, venues, and other decision makers about what it takes to host adapted sports events and the transformative, community-wide impact they have well after they’ve ended,” said Julie Chavanu of Stitch Marketing Research. “The benefits of hosting events go well beyond a strong economic impact – the infrastructure enables ongoing events, and further, we gain the opportunity to grow awareness for the disabled community and the power of sport for all.”

The “Adapted Sport: Economic Impact Survey” findings were originally released at the Adapted Sport Leadership & Business Symposium (LABS) presented by All In Sport Consulting on October 19 and 20. The full report is available for download here.

About All In Sport Consulting
All In Sport Consulting is a Denver-based consulting firm that works with organizations to create life-changing opportunities for people with disabilities through adaptive sport. Through services including strategic planning, adaptive sport program management and implementation, and training and education, All In Sport helps organizations ensure they are in the best position to create opportunities for all who want to experience the power of sport.

About Huddle Up Group
Founded in 2012 as a sports tourism industry consulting company, the Huddle Up Group has a successful track record of leading sports organizations through strategic growth and increased community collaboration. The Huddle Up team has extensive experience in building cohesive organizations and external relationships while collaborating with volunteer boards, donors, elected officials, hospitality community leaders, and various corporate partners.

About Stitch Marketing Research
Founded in 2007, Southern California-based Stitch Marketing Research is marketing intelligence consultancy, delivering insights on your marketplace and what moves it. Stitch MR’s unique proposition: a discovery process that evolves from the creation of new intelligence through new research. Stitch MR brings the human equation to the front and center of the marketing and strategy disciplines. We’re not just about cold numbers. Stitch Marketing Research delivers strategic insight to a wide range of organizations, from Fortune 100 to start-up, from automotive and healthcare to higher education and sports and fitness. 

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