The growth of the adapted sport industry has been dramatic over the last two decades, but prior to 2020, the market lacked any formal research to measure its true economic footprint. That changed when All In Sport Consulting, in partnership with Stitch Marketing Research and Huddle Up Group, established the first-of-its-kind economic impact study of the adapted sport industry in the United States to better understand and project the market’s economic trends.

Conducted initially in 2020 and again in subsequent years, the study captures the industry’s economic power in dollars and cents – a critical component to the conversations aimed at changing the narrative and trajectory of the adapted sport industry. See the results of the studies conducted to date below.

 “Dawna provided groundbreaking findings and recommendations in a national adapted sport needs assessment and SWOT analysis both focused on disabled athletes and sport performance, sport medicine, and barriers to training services. Her research was incredibly valuable as we planned the opening of the Lakeshore Sports Science and Performance Center (LSSPC). We based key LSSPC decisions on this first-of-its-kind data. Because of Dawna’s lived experience as a disabled athlete and professional leadership in the movement, we can always count on her having a finger on the pulse of the movement – and knowing where the opportunities are to grow the movement and implement cutting edge ideas.”
John D. Kemp
CEO, Lakeshore Foundation