Best Practices for Hosting Successful Virtual Events

Both Bridge II Sports and Endeavor Games recently hosted successful virtual events engaging more the 600 athletes across the world. Hosting virtual sport events is new to many of us. Industry leaders have stepped up to the challenge by creating virtual opportunities to connect with athletes. With the current challenges of hosting a large in-person event amid COVID-19, both organizations provided some guidelines and best practices below for hosting virtual events.

  •  As you plan and implement, acknowledge from the start that hosting a virtual event is very different from hosting an in-person event.
    • Anticipate the learning curve.
  • Thoroughly research the platform you’re using – Zoom, WebEx, etc.
    •  Know the platform like the back of your hand so you are able to troubleshoot and handle issues that come up during the event.
    •  Run several practice sessions using your virtual platform.
  •  Run several practice sessions using your virtual platform.
    • You’ll want to be well versed with the program be able to troubleshoot the day of the event.
  • It’s best to have a hard-wire connection.
    •  Don’t rely on a wi-fi connection to remain consistent throughout the sessions.
  •  Have presenters, session hosts call in 20-30 minutes early.
    •  You’ll want to work out any issues prior to the session beginning.
  •  Delegate virtual sessions to teammates.
    • Leading every session will make for a really long day.
  •  Executing virtual sport events is unprecedented.
    • Extend yourself some grace.
    • Athletes are grateful for the opportunity to be able to come together, even if it’s virtual.

We really appreciate these last couple of points. Be kind to yourself and those that are helping with the event. We’re all learning this together – communicating, being flexible and supportive of team members will get you through the most challenging blips that may arise during the event.

Remember athletes are appreciative of the opportunity to be engaged with the community and connect again through sport – even if it is virtual.

We’re all in this together.

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